He vs She Weight-loss Competition

My Husband and I decided to have a “He vs She Weight-loss Competition”, We have both given ourselves 80 weeks (yes that’s right weeks) to reach our target weights and body composition (it’s not all about the number on the scales.) My target is a loss of 27kg and a toned and fit look, his target is a loss of 40Kgs with no muscle loss. P.S. we both have a body fat percentage of at least 30%. I want to get mine down to below 21%. I’m hoping he will get his down to below 15%

"He vs She Weight-loss Competition" Visual Bodyfat percentage Estimations
Body Fat Percentage Images in Men and Women

We have decided on two different methods

For this “He vs She Weight-loss Competition”, he’s going to go with a VLCD. Once he’s dropped the weight, he’s going to work on maintaining and firing up his metabolism again. I’m going to go with the zig-zag calorie method and combine it with strength, cardio, and core work.

I chose the zig-zag method because I feel like it won’t be as much of a shock to the system, it will also be easier to maintain, and easier to start, however I think it might be a bit more taxing mentally, my results won’t be as fast as his, but they will be easier to maintain from the get go.

So What about the Workouts?

During the “He vs She Weight-loss Competition”, I’ll be using a fusion method of strength and cardio, tabata style. There will be one 30 second block of strength (with light dumbbells) then straight into a 30 second block of high energy cardio (skipping, running on the spot, mountain climbers etc.). There will be three sets of the alternating strength and cardio block, and then a new circuit. This will go for about 6 circuits. It’s only about 30-45 minutes to do the workout, including warm up and cool down, and can be done at home as long as you have the space and the dumbbells. It’ll be a new section of the body every day, with some core mixed in. I’m starting at 2.5kg dumbbells for most exercises, then increase them up every 5 weeks (as a rule of thumb).

He’ll be using a workout his fitness coach at work has given him, he also has a fitbit to track his steps and his coach will be helping him alter his workouts when he needs to. We have made an agreement with each other that we will do a check-in with each others results once every 5 weeks.

How will we Measure Progress?

I will be taking measurements every week, I’ll even take my resting temperature as a measurement, cause the hotter you run at rest (within normal ranges), the higher your metabolism, that will give me an accurate reading that my metabolism is firing up (even if the scales and measurements don’t say so). Once every 5 weeks we will be taking a progress photo.

How will I Keep on Target?

during the “He vs She Weight-loss Competition” I will be using MyFitnessPal to count my calories, track my workouts, and help me with my macros. If you happen to be on it, my handle is MsDacibov, so join me if you want to support me. I’ll be aiming for at least 0.5Kg of fat loss a week. I’m starting with an overall deficit of 500 calories/day, that’s a total of 5500 calorie deficit by the end of my zig-zag cycle. The zig-zag cycle I have chosen (after doing a lot of reading and research) will be 3 High, 3 Low, 2 High, 3 Low. I’ll be hoeing into the green tea, as this helps increase the metabolism and is a diuretic, so it will help with eliminating any water my body has retained.

What about the Macros

I have chosen 25% Protein 30% Fat and 45% Carbohydrates, mainly because I have been on low carb for so long that I would like to slowly bring it back up. That’s about 122g Protein, 65g Fat, and 219g Carbohydrates. As my calories will be zig-zagging, it won’t always be those numbers, they’ll be on average. I’ve chosen not to restrict anything, cause if I do, I’m more likely to fail. As long as it fits within my macros and calories for the day, I can eat it.

What if you Win

If either of us win the He vs. She Weight loss Competition, the winner gets to choose a place for a family holiday up to the value of $4k (we’re each putting away $50 each from our paypacket into the kitty for 80 weeks). But the whole point of the competition is for us both to get healthy, so if both of us win, we get to go on a couples holiday to the value of $4k. If neither of us reach our goal, the $4k goes straight into the new house.

What are the T’s and C’s?

We have 80 weeks to reach our target and if we reach it early, we still have to maintain it until the end of the comp. We have 5Kg leeway either way, We need to check-in on each others progress once every 5 weeks.

If one of us hits our target (and maintains it) by the end of the competition, but the other doesn’t, the winner gets to choose where we go on a family holiday to the value of $4k. Both of us hit our targets (and maintain it) by the end of the comp, we go on a couple holiday to the value of $4k. If neither of us hit our goal by the end of the comp we forfeit the $4k and it goes on the new house.

We can choose any method to hit our target that we deem fit, and we can chop and change. We can measure progress in any method we deem fit, but at check-in we have to take a progress photo. The He vs. She Weight loss Competition will begin once we both sign our competition statement .He gets home this Tuesday 9th September 2019, so it’ll be signed Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Do you and your partner need to get healthier? How about you try a He vs. She Weight loss competition.

Cheap Healthy Eats

Did you know that there are middle income earners in the third world that are eating better then us. Let that sink in for a moment. If you know where to shop, and how to shop, you can get cheap healthy eats.

Cheap and Healthy?

I know cheap and healthy don’t often fall in the same sentence, many people believe it isn’t possible to eat cheap and eat healthy. It’s all about shopping smart. I’m lucky, I live in a semi-rural suburb on the outskirts of the metro area, we have little growers markets popping up everywhere. This is where you get the cheap healthy foods, growers markets and farmers markets, not your local supermarket.

The local supermarket wants to make the biggest profit.

They buy the cheapest product available (and rip the farmers of f in the meantime) and charge you at least one and a half times cost price to take it off their shelves, and we are happy to pay for it. The vegetables and fruit are not even fresh, they’ve been in storage for months beforehand.

For example my Mum and Dad have an Avocado Tree, so it’s apparent that Avocado’s don’t ripen on the tree, they only ripen off the tree, Mum and Dad have picked an Avocado off their tree, and it’s been sitting in the fruit bowl, with bananas (you want to ripen fruit quicker, stick it in a bowl with the banana’s) for over 3 weeks, and the telltale soft give that a ripe Avocado gets when you buy it in the store , that’s not there yet.

So that’s been there for over three weeks. When you buy an avocado from the supermarket, it’s inedible within a few days. What does that tell you about how fresh the fruit and vegetables are in the supermarket.  Although credit where credit’s due, they are stocking with more locally owned products.

My Point is Why do we buy from them?

Because it’s convenient, classic example of paying for convenience. I had an X-Box 360 that I won during a sales contest at my old work, it didn’t cost me anything. My partner has a friend who is currently renting out his XBox for $5 a day to one of his friends. He found out I had an XBox I wasn’t using and suggested we sell it to him, “How much do you want for it?” my partner asks me “50 bucks?”
I say “no offer it to him for 100 and then he can bargain with us” (I’m playing the part of the supermarket). So we tell him he can have it for $100 it’s brand new in box, however it’s an arcade (meaning there’s no hard drive in it) and we’ll even throw in a free game.
“GTA 5?” he asks. My partner replies “no, but it’s like GTA”
“Where can I get GTA 5 on a Sunday?” We suggest a couple of places and he replies “That’s too far, I’m not fit for public, so hungover. I’ll give you $200 if you give me GTA 5″ We tell him we don’t have GTA 5 but if he throws in another $50 we’ll buy it for him and drop it and the X-Box at his door today, “Done deal” he says.

So for his convenience he has paid us 150% above our original offer. We have only paid for the game ($89 rrp. in Oz) and the fuel so the rest of it is pure profit… First thing he’s gonna do is on-sell the X-Box to his mate (without the game), probably for the same cost or perhaps higher.

That’s how a supermarket works.

Supermarkets have to pay for transport, wages, rent, fuel, stock, storage etc so they’re not open to bargaining with the general public, they set the price at minimum 150% above cost and you have to foot the bill.

Farmers Markets and Growers Markets grow the food themselves, transport the food from their farm to their marketplace themselves and only work for themselves, therefore they don’t have many overhead costs. For that reason their 150% is much lower than a supermarkets 150%, they are open to reasonable bargaining, and they pass that on to their customers.

You can buy also buy in bulk

It’s much easier to buy in bulk from Farmers Markets and Growers Markets as well, and that is always the cheaper option, or, if you have an ABN you can try buying wholesale from places like FAL, in which case you are getting it for the same price the supermarkets get it for but you have to buy in bulk there, so buddy up with your neighbours and split the bill.

Of course we have Amazon now and amazon-like online supermarkets that offer the same products at the supermarket, but they send them to your door, and they are some how, a little cheaper. Is that not all you need to hear? The Supermarkets are rip offs. If you want cheap healthy eats, look outside the supermarket.

A Sustainable Way to Protect your Crops from Pests

A Sustainable way to protect your crops from Pests
A Genetically Modified Mushroom that is toxic to pests

This Clever Man managed to patent a sustainable way to protect your crops from pests. He’s a Mycologist (Specialises in Fungi) and has patented a genetically modified insect toxic mushroom that does not create spores.

Usually this specific mushroom has pheromones that warns insects against eating it, but this clever man has genetically modified the mushroom so that it does the opposite, it attracts crop eating insects towards it (plants like this are also known as a sacrificial crop), they eat the mushroom, and the fungi attacks the insect from the inside out.

This patent could be the thing that cripples Monsanto (the creators of the non-specific herbicide roundup, the patented GMO Canola, GMO Cotton, and producers of the insecticides DDT and agent orange). It’s been named as some of the most disruptive technology in the pesticide industry. It’s chemical free, genetically modified biohacking.

Not all GMO is bad GMO. It may be bad if we ingest it, and only because we don’t know what it can do to us. Using a GMO Insect toxic mushroom as a sacrificial crop is a sustainable way to protect your crops from pests.

Ali D