12 Week Transformation Challenge Day 3

It’s challenge day 3

I can’t believe it’s already Ali’s 12 week transformation challenge day 3! Thats gone super quick. I’m finding my biggest issue at the moment is that I’m not eating enough calories… WHAT? you ask, the less calories the better right? WRONG… I need to eat enough calories per day to stop my metabolism from slowing down.

Yep I do, even the Intermittent fasters still eat a minimum amount of calories per day. So how do I do this…you guessed it, small frequent snacking. I need to eat at least a minimum of 1000 Calories per day, that’s half an adults daily intake, and less than half my daily intake.

What do you mean less than half YOUR daily intake?

I’m glad you asked, well everybody has their own BMR, or Basal Metabolic Rate, this is basically the minimum amount of calories you burn per day while you are resting. This is calculated by some complex calculations involving your height in feet and inches and your weight in pounds, your gender, and your age. I didn’t do the calculations myself, I used an online calculator, they are everywhere.

So my BMR is approximately 1,782 calories per day, then I add my general activity levels and I get … 2300+ calories as my maintenance level, this means I need to take in less then 2300 calories per day to lose weight, but equal or more than 1782 calories per day to keep my metabolism at its current level.

What if I eat less than my BMR?

If I take in less than my BMR per day, I risk having my metabolism slow down. This is due to the calorie intake being less than what I need to effectively perform my normal bodily functions for homeostasis (the ability of the body to seek and maintain a condition of equilibrium or stability within its internal environment when dealing with external changes). i.e.: body temperature regulation, heart rate regulation, breathing etc. Aside from that little tidbit, too large a deficit can result in brain fog, depression, preoccupation with food, social withdrawal and isolation, lack of sex drive etc, and I don’t want that either.

If I give myself a calorie deficit less than my BMR, I also risk having binge days, where I eat 10x what I usually eat cause I’m that hungry, therefore taking in 3x current maintenance levels 1-2 days a week resulting in no deficit (in fact sometimes it’s a surplus) by the end of the week and hence no results. This seems to be what many people mistakenly refer to as “Starvation Mode” but in reality, all that’s happening is that you’re bingeing on your ‘cheat day’, or eating more calories than you think, cause you’re that hungry that you lose control, and your brain justifies it by making up little stories in your head. You need to eat to survive. It’s a survival mechanism for your brain to conveniently not register all the calories you’re eating.

Classic example…

Elvis Presley. We all know he ate a lot of food, but considering he asked for 96000 calories in the green room for every show, and he was only 260 pounds when he died. I’m not saying 260lbs is good, it’s definitely overweight, perhaps even obese for someone who’s 6ft1. But even if that was all the food he ate in that week it’s still 7x that of an ‘average person’s’ diet of 14000 calories a week. The weight gain is not comparable, just do the maths.

I did the Maths

He would have to burn over 71000 calories a week just to maintain that weight of 260 Lbs, and of course, he wasn’t trying to maintain it, he didn’t want to be fat, just look at him in his younger years. (P.S.: I got those numbers by using a calorie calculator to get his suggested weekly maintenance levels and then subtracting from 96000). Most people can not burn 10000 calories a day if they want to sleep. My conclusion for Elvis’ situation of not weighing 500 Lbs, binge then purge, then starve then repeat (or don’t purge or starve, but don’t sleep either) resulting in all of the mental illnesses (depression, social withdrawal and anxiety, preoccupation with food etc.) that can cause someone to receive up to 96 prescribed pills a day, and then death.

I don’t want to end up like Elvis Presley,

(6ft under), nor do I want to be on so many prescribed meds I don’t have time to eat. I know Elvis is an EXTREME example, and don’t get me wrong I love Elvis, hence why I had to figure out how he could eat so much and not weigh half a ton. But that is not a path I want to head down, so back to why I’m adjusting my calorie intake…

I know, on day 1 I said I wasn’t going to count calories

I’m still not, I also said on day 1 that I have a general knowledge of nutrition, meaning I have studied  some nutrition, and I can figure out what is considered low calorie and what is not. I’m not counting calories, but I am guesstimating my calorie intake. Results will tell me if I’m doing it right or not, and when they come in at the end of the week, that’s when I’ll reconsider.

If that happens I’ll be using an app like ‘My Fitness Pal’ to help me get a general idea of how many calories I’m eating a day, there’s no way I’ll be weighing my food. That will take ALL the fun out of eating.

So what did I eat on challenge day 3?

Breakfast was all my supplements, and a dutch chocolate Herbalife shake made with water with an added shot of coffee. Nothing spectacular.

Morning snack was a 2 boiled egg with a sliced whole tomato, some dried basil, salt and pepper, and a Herbalife Green Tea

Lunch was another Dutch chocolate Herbalife shake with fresh mint added.

12 Week Transformation Challenge Day 3
Pan fried skinless chicken thighs with salad and vegies

Dinner was 2 pan fried chicken thighs, steamed peas, and carrot, and corn, sliced cucumber, capsicum, 1/4 tomato, and baby spinach aka; Chicken, vegies and salad.

After dinner a Butt Blasting at home workout and a Herbalife Green Tea.

Water Intake?

I managed to drink 3L water again. I was aiming for 4L… However I did do some research on the interwebs about correcting rounded shoulders and anterior pelvic tilt, cause I have both those issues. When you see my stretching guide, I’ll show you. I’m currently still working on the guide so watch this space… well I actually mean watch the ‘additional links’ space on the site.

What did I achieve on challenge day 3?

Remember to focus on the little wins. I took all my supplements. Win. I ate two healthy meals. Win. I drank more than the recommended 2L of water today. Win. I had more than 1 green tea today. Win. I did my workout. Win. I wrote this blogpost. Win. All these little achievements make it easier.

I believe in you .


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