12 Week Transformation Challenge Day 5

Ali’s 12 Week Transformation challenge day 5

It’s Challenge day 5, one of my best days yet. I stuck to my ‘Intermittent Fasting’  time frame I gave myself (11am-7pm), I did manage to get my workout done, I ate 2 healthy meals, and I drank my 4L water for the day. Hooray!

What were my Challenges?

Well I was up at 7am due to my little one, although this was a bit of a sleep in for her. So waiting for 11am to come around took FOREVER. Obviously little miss gets fed way before 11am, otherwise that would be irresponsible of me.

My second challenge day 5? What do I break my fast with? I’m out of Shakes, and I’m waiting on delivery of my new shake. I’m wanting  to break my fast with a nutrient overload of amazing antioxidants, vitalizing vitamins and,… minerals (I didn’t have a word I could alliterate with minerals). So I decided while I wait for 11am, I’m going to go through my fridge and grab all the salad veges I can, and make a ‘slaw. So it’s red cabbage, green cabbage , beetroot, celery, cucumber, and even a little apple, all finely sliced, or grated into my slaw.

Then there’s the dressing… what to use in the dressing? Whole Egg Mayo, a little yoghurt, and I’m thinking some kind of Vinegar… French Bistro Vinaigrette. Put it all together and what do I get? A creamy, purple ‘slaw. It tastes pretty good, but I reckon I need to change the dressing a bit. and it would have been really yummy if I had some carrot, and some radish.

My next challenge day 5? What to have with the slaw? Egg? 2 boiled eggs, ok so I go ahead and boil my eggs, and then smush them up in some mayo like I was making an egg sandwich, and plonk it on top. It’s now just past 11am. YAY, on goes the coffee machine, in goes the coffee with Hilo (aka. half and half) milk but no sugar,  serve it all up, stick it down my gullet and TADA! Fast broken.

How Do I keep the calorie intake at 1700 (aka: 6800 kilojoules)

Well I only have 8 hours to eat, so keeping the calories where I want them is not that hard. I’m trying to fit up to 3 meals in 8 hours. At this stage I’m only eating 2 meals, so that’s two meals of 850 calories each. Not so hard is it, When I get my shakes back it’ll only be one solid meal, the rest of my meals will be liquid. One shake with skim milk is approximately 205 Cal (or for us Aussies and NZ 820 kilojoules), I’m using Hilo, so I’m gonna say 1 shake is approximately 305 Kcal (1220 kilojoules), or if I choose to make my shake with water it’s only like 100 Kcal (400 kilojoules), that’ll still give me plenty of play for my one or so meal of the day.

Dinner was a delicious Maggie Beer Recipe, crispy skinned Salmon with a butterbean and garlic salad. Yummy

My tip to you

If you’re a grazer type, remove all sweets and high energy foods from your fridge and pantry, have things like Hummus, Celery Sticks, salt free nut butters, carrot sticks, capsicum (aka: Bell peppers) and fruit like Bananas and Apples there instead. Don’t have store bought juice in your fridge, if you’re going to drink juice, do it the freshly squeezed way.  Try to avoid bread if you can, or go for the low joule breads like Wraps, Naan, Turkish etc.. instead of your traditional white breads.

What were the wins of the day?

Now time for me to go through my wins. Intermittent fasting. Win, Water intake: 4L. Win, Healthy meals in the day: 2. Win. Workout: A Hardcore no equipment cardio based at home workout, I sweat more than I had for any of the other Workouts this week. Win. Supplements: All except MANA. Win. Blogpost: Yes. Win.

Remember it’s the little wins that get you through. I believe in you

x Ali x

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