12 Week Transformation Challenge Day 6

It’s challenge day 6

Well it’s challenge day 6 and boy do I have a thing or two to confess, hubby came home today so no workout today 🙁 I did do the intermittent fasting thing though, successfully again today. Didn’t eat til 11am, finished eating at 7pm. Although I didn’t get any of my water down either :-(.

Tomorrow is results day. I have to admit I’m quietly confident, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m trying to find the tape measure as I type, and am finding it quite unsuccessful.

Now Let’s talk about Poor Posture

Did you know poor posture can alter your digestion, circulation, and increase your risk of cardiovascular disease? It’s so easy to fix, once you find the issues. For example I have an anterior pelvic tilt (meaning the bottom of my pelvis is tilted backwards, increasing the curvature in my back and giving me a bit of a duck tail) , rounded shoulders and uneven hips. I get shoulder pain, stiff neck, and a sore lower back, when I was pregnant I also had issues with my hips.

I’ve been trying to stretch out my shoulders as my shoulders are rounded and scooped forward, therefore stiffening my neck, because it’s being held forward, tightening my traps, increasing the curvature in my lower back and giving me very very poor posture, which is causing me an unending lists of aches and pains.

If we look at his anatomically, my shoulder pain is due to the fact I am tight in my chest, which is pulling my shoulders forward and stretching my traps , my stiff neck is due to the fact my neck is having to hold my head up and forward, my lower back is sore because it’s overly curved to compensate for the anterior tilt in my pelvis, and my hip flexors are tight due to whatever it was that caused my pelvis to tilt (most likely due to sitting). Because my hip flexors are tight, my hamstrings are being stretched around my pelvis, making them feel tight.

So what do I have to do to fix it?

Well first things first, I need to stretch out the tight muscles, ie: my hip flexors and my chest. So there’s one stretch I’m focusing on for my chest. Basically I have to pull my arms straight out to my sides, keep them shoulder height, shoulders back and down away from the ears, hands palm forward, thumbs up and back. Now pinch the shoulder blades and keep trying to get your thumbs back as far as you can. Ensure to keep your shoulders away from the ears. You should feel it in the underarm and around the upper back.

Next is my hip flexors, I’ve been given a stretch that I find super painful, but I’m sure it’s working. I have to get on my knees, back to a wall. I need to put one of my shins up hard against the wall so the sole of my foot is facing my bottom, then I need to plant my other foot on the floor, and straighten up at the waist, pushing my shin into the wall, squeezing my glutes and pushing my pelvis forward. It works the quads first, which due to the pelvic tilt, are a bit short, and then once they are stretched enough it’ll hit the hip flexors on the leg against the wall. Hold for 20 seconds, then swap. It might be good to have something soft under the knee that’s against the wall.

Simultaneously with stretching the short muscles I need to strengthen the over-extended muscles, or the muscles that work negatively to the short ones. The muscles that work negatively to the hip flexors is the hamstrings and the glutes, the muscles that work negatively to the chest are the traps and the other muscles in the upper back, underarms, and the scapular muscles. So basically after stretching out the shortened muscles, we need to strengthen the muscles that work negatively, so they can pull everything back into place and keep it there, keeping the currently short muscles at the correct length.

Shall we get back to my day?

Ok so after that short anatomy lesson let’s talk about what I ate today.
So for break-fast (at 11am) I had some of my purple slaw in a wrap with 2 boiled eggs. Simple and super nutritious. I’m out of shake, so I couldn’t have that. I took all my supplements except my MANA supplement. I also had a coffee with hilo (aka half and half) milk. For my snack I had some Raisin toast, with butter.

For dinner I had a butter chicken curry that I made with store bought butter chicken simmer sauce, steamed vegetables and diced skinless chicken breast. I served it with one and a half slices of garlic Naan, instead of rice. It was yummo.

What are my wins?

My Wins for challenge day 6 are: Intermittent fasting was successful. I broke my fast at 11am, and finished eating before 7pm. Win. I ate 2 healthy meals. Win. I took all my supplements. Win. And Hubby is home. Win. Remember it’s the little wins that will get you through.

I believe in you

x Ali x

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