12 Week Transformation Challenge

I have decided to do a personal 12 week transformation challenge, I’ve called it *drumroll please*

Ali’s 12 Week Transformation Challenge

I know, super creative, here’s an introduction and a record of Day 1


First my why. I am a stay at home Mum with a 12 month old, and I have gained 20kg in 2 years, that’s 10kg a year, or just under 1kg a month. Ideally I should be more than 20kg lighter, but since I don’t want to overwhelm my mind or my body, I’m going to aim for 10kg by the end of the challenge. That’s approximately 3.25kg a month, or just under 1kg a week. This is both achievable and healthy.


In reality I will not be jumping on the scales again until the end of the challenge. This practice is both depressing and stressful for me, so I won’t be weighing myself regularly.

I will be taking my measurements weekly: Bust, Hips, Waist, Shoulders, Upper arms and Thighs, I’m also going to record every workout, and take progress photographs, allowing me to work on my posture. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.


There’s a few things I’ll be doing during the “12 week transformation challenge” in unison. I’ll have a ’30 minute at-home workout’ which you can find for free in the additional links area of the blog, I’ll be doing that at least every second day. I’ll stretch every day, and I’ll be eating healthier. I’ll be taking my measurements once a week, but taking a progress photo after every workout for my posture. I won’t be airing my exact measurements but I will tell you the changes every week. I’ll also be keeping a food diary, with recipes when required, although I’m not calorie counting.

I want to make it as simple and easy to replicate as possible. My nutritional knowledge is of a general nature, so I won’t be listing exact values of the macronutrients either, unless the recipe I used has listed them already.

During my 12 Week Transformation Challenge I will be taking vitamin supplements, so I’ll list them, why I’m using them, and where you can find them, with links to them to buy online. I am affiliated with everything I link to, so I may get a reward if you click on my links.

Nitty Gritty:

I took my measurements today and was underwhelmed at the least. I recorded them in my little black book and I went on with the rest of my day. For breakfast I had a shake, nothing spectacular, just a boring chocolate meal replacement shake from Herbalife with my superfood MANA powder, a shot of coffee, and water instead of milk, my sister Phillippa Jenkins is a Herbie coach.

12 Week Transformation Challenge and this is day 1
Herbalife Supplements for the 12 week transformation challenge.
12 Week Transformation Challenge, and this is Day 1
Here are the additional non-herbalife supplements I am taking.

Food Diary:

For my morning snack I had a small serve of Rocket, Beetroot, Fetta and Walnut salad, and a regular skinny latte from Muffin Break. No dressing on the salad, no sugar in my coffee.

12 Week Transformation Challenge, and this is day 1
These are all the supplements I take a day. I had already taken my 1st lot before I had taken the picture

For Lunch I had another shake made with water. My afternoon snack was some plain corn chips.

For dinner, I bought a boneless roast chicken loaf, cooked it and gave myself a serving of that over, a large serving of the Aussie Mix pre-packed Salad from Spudshed. This salad has grated carrot, grated beetroot, and mesculin lettuce mix. This time I did dress it, with a squeeze of store bought whole egg Mayonnaise. I also drank 2L water throughout the day, and I had a Herbalife green tea.

12 Week Transformation Challenge, and this is Day 1
2L water minimum per day, I add the Herbalife Aloe Concentrate.


Once my little one was in bed, I did my 30 minute “at-home workout”. There will shortly be a FREE .pdf explaining the workout, as well as where you can find the supplements, in the additional links area of the blog.

Remember if you want to replicate ‘Ali’s 12 Week Transformation Challenge’, you do not need to take Herbalife, and you do not need to take the additional supplements, I would suggest a good quality magnesium supplement though, as with the workouts you will get muscle soreness, and magnesium will help alot with reducing that.

Happy Transformation Challenge

I believe in you

Xx Ali xX

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