The Food you Eat Can Counteract your Medication


I was surfing the net for an article to write in my blog about, when I came across this one. Were you aware that the food you eat can counteract your medication? Now that I think about it , it does make sense, every thing in the world is made up of a complex mix of chemical reactions and ionic bonds, organic things are made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, the only things that differentiates them from each other are the trace elements, and the way the molecules react and bond with each other… I’m off track.

Dr Ross Walker, a cardiologist and one of Australia’s leading preventative health experts, has given us the low down on how food can negatively affect the absorption and effectiveness of certain prescription medications. Certain foods can interact with certain medications causing reduced effectiveness, worse side-effects, or even new side-effects. Kind of like how ant-epileptic drugs can reduce the effect of the contraceptive pill, rendering it null an void; or how chemotherapy and/or  antibiotics, reduce the effectiveness of your body’s good bacteria, causing thrush as a side effect. Continue reading “The Food you Eat Can Counteract your Medication”

Horrifyingly High Levels of Glyphosate in Processed Foods

So for those who don’t know Glyphosate  is Roundup, and has been proven harmful to humans at levels as small as 0.01ppb (parts per billion). I have to admit I’ve linked you to a long report, and since many of us don’t have the time to read the whole thing I will summarise it for you:

Horrifyingly high levels of Glyphosate found in processed foods.png



Continue reading “Horrifyingly High Levels of Glyphosate in Processed Foods”

Hidden Toxins

Hidden Toxins
Hidden Toxins

Hi everyone Ali here,
I have just recently come across a huge amount of information that is scaring the crap out of me, so I feel the need to share it and let you and yours know about it too.

Did you know that there are over 3000 ingredients used in personal care products, cleaning products, supplements and bathroom products that are Toxic. These hidden toxins can cause skin and eye irritation, cell mutation (also known as cancer), inflammation, liver damage, kidney damage etc. And you know what’s worse? They don’t even tell us about it. Have a look at your personal care and skin care products, do you see parabens? sodium laurel sulfates? Do you even know what they are? I didn’t. Can you pronounce the ingredients on the label? I dare you to Google half of those ingredients. Do yourself and your family a favour and use this amazing wealth of information called the internet and educate yourself on the products you are putting on your skin, and on your child’s skin. The bubble baths you use, the shampoos you use, the body washes you use. I was horrified. I’m now looking for a product I can use that has very little, if any toxins in it. As my mentor Isabel De Los Rios (creator of Beyond Diet) says if you can’t pronounce it don’t use it. Lets look at an example Continue reading “Hidden Toxins”

A Sustainable way to Protect your Crops from Pests

A Sustainable Way to Protect your Crops from Pests
A Sustainable Way to Protect your crops from Pests

This Clever Man managed to patent a sustainable way to protect your crops from pests. He’s a Mycologist (Specialises in Fungi) and has patented a genetically modified insect toxic mushroom that does not create spores. Usually this specific mushroom has pheromones that warns insects against eating it, but this clever man has genetically modified the mushroom so that it does the opposite, it attracts crop eating insects towards it (also known as a sacrificial crop), they eat the mushroom, and the fungi attacks the insect from the inside out.

This patent could be the thing that cripples Monsanto (the creators of the non-specific herbicide roundup, the patented GMO Canola, GMO Cotton, and producers of the insecticides DDT and agent orange). Not all GMO is bad GMO, it’s only bad if we ingest it, and only because we don’t know what it can do to us. Using a GMO Insect toxic mushroom as a sacrificial crop is a sustainable way to protect your crops from pests.

xX Ali Xx

Inner Origin Advocate

Why do I Choose Inner Origin

why do I chooseInner Origin
Inner Origin Ambassadors

Why do I choose Inner Origin?

Let me begin with my story. I am now a stay at home mum with a 19 week old baby girl. She’s my life, my number one priority. The other love of my life, my husband, is a beautiful, supportive, loving father and my best friend, but I rarely see him as he works FIFO to support our lifestyle. I want him to come home again, but I definitely don’t want to go back to cleaning, or working for a boss, to get him here. Especially considering the cost of childcare; At $150 a day for childcare, it’s cheaper for me to stay at home.

One fortunate morning I was in my daughters room tidying up a bit, when I heard the unmistakable FB messenger knock from my husbands “Perth phone”, (he can’t use the carrier at work, and it’s my job to keep him updated about any messages and calls he receives while he’s at work). I picked up his phone to check it out and it was a message from a woman I used to go to school with. I hadn’t heard from her since school, so that makes it…13 years. She sent him a fairly nervous sounding message that said something along the lines of Continue reading “Why do I Choose Inner Origin”

Blog Action Day 2013 Human Rights are Still being Violated in the Firstworld

October 17, 2013

Hi all, Ali here
I have been looking through the official wording of the Declaration of Human Rights, and I want to point out some of our basic human rights that are still being violated today in this country, but first I will post this infographic to help explain the Declaration of Human Rights in a more easy to read language. I just want to thank for providing this.

Human Rights are still being Violated in the Firstworld
Human Rights are still being Violated in the Firstworld

First stop the Preamble of the Declaration of Human Rights: Continue reading “Blog Action Day 2013 Human Rights are Still being Violated in the Firstworld”

Lifestyle: An Average day

Lifestyle: An average day
Lifestyle: An average day

Hi there Ali here,
So I woke up this morning at 5am so I can say goodbye to my other half and let all the animals in. and out, and then I go back to bed to sleep for an hour. I’m not sure why I always do this, but that’s what I do. So I’m up again at 6am, my Dog is jumping all over me now trying to get me up, my cats are all complaining because they want to get fed.

I get up to feed my animals, feed the fish and then have my shower. After my shower, I get my breakfast ready, and while I’m eating breakfast, the meat portion I’ll be eating for lunch is happily cooking away in the frying pan on low heat. After breakfast I check my meat, prepare the salad I’ll be eating with it, check it again, bang it all in a container including my snacks (which usually consists of an apple, a Muesli bar and some nuts) and I prepare my coffee.

While drinking my coffee I’ve put the dog outside, locked all the doors, and packed my gym stuff so I’m ready to walk out the door by 7.20am at the latest. At which time I’ll message my friend to find out how she’s doing. Continue reading “Lifestyle: An Average day”