Cheap Healthy Eats

Cheap and Healthy Eats
Cheap Healthy eats

Cheap and healthy don’t often fall in the same sentence.

Many people believe it isn’t possible to achieve cheap healthy eats, but it’s all about shopping smart.

I’m lucky, I live in a semi-rural suburb on the outskirts of the metro area, we have little growers markets popping up everywhere. This is where you get the cheap healthy foods, growers markets and farmers markets, not your local supermarket. The local supermarket wants to make the biggest profit possible. They buy the cheapest product available (and rip the farmers off in the meantime) and then charge you at least one and a half times cost price to take it off their shelves, and we are happy to pay for it. Why? Because it’s convenient.

Do we really pay for convenience?

In short yes. Here’s a classic example of paying for convenience. I had an X-Box 360 that I won during a sales contest at my old work, it didn’t cost me anything. My partner had a friend who was renting out his XBox for $5 a day to one of his friends. He found out I had an XBox I wasn’t using and suggested we sell it to him, “How much do you want for it?” my partner asks me “50 bucks?”
I say “no offer it to him for $100 and then he can bargain with us”

We tell him he can have it for $100 it’s brand new in box, however it’s an arcade (meaning there’s no hard drive in it) and we’ll even throw in a free game.
“GTA 5?” He asks
my partner replies “no, but it’s like GTA”
“Where can I get GTA 5 on a Sunday?” we suggest a couple of places and he replies “That’s too far, I’m not fit for public, so hungover. I’ll give you $200 if you give me GTA 5″ We tell him we don’t have GTA 5 but if he throws in another $50 we’ll buy it for him and drop it and the X-Box at his door today, “Done deal” he says.

So for his convenience he has paid us 150% above our original offer. We have only paid for the game ($89 rrp. in Oz) and the fuel so the rest of it is pure profit.

That’s Business

That’s how a supermarket works, supermarkets have to pay for transport, wages, rent, fuel, stock, storage etc so they’re not open to bargaining with the general public. They set the price at minimum 150% above cost, sell it to you as cheap healthy food, and you have to foot the bill.

What’s the difference?

Farmers Markets and Growers Markets grow the food themselves. They transport the food from their farm to their marketplace themselves and only work for themselves. Therefore they don’t have many overhead costs, for that reason their 150% is much lower than a supermarkets 150%.

Other Benefits

Farmers markets and growers markets are local, the produce has spent less time on the shelves, so it is more nutrient dense. It doesn’t always look as good, because a lot of the time a farmers market is small scale, so they don’t reach the supermarkets high cosmetic standards, but more often than not, because they are small scale you are more likely to find good quality organic produce.

Hope this has been helpful for finding cheap healthy eats

xX Ali Xx

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