12 Week Transformation Challenge Day 3

It’s challenge day 3

I can’t believe it’s already Ali’s 12 week transformation challenge day 3! Thats gone super quick. I’m finding my biggest issue at the moment is that I’m not eating enough calories… WHAT? you ask, the less calories the better right? WRONG… I need to eat enough calories per day to stop my metabolism from slowing down.

Yep I do, even the Intermittent fasters still eat a minimum amount of calories per day. So how do I do this…you guessed it, small frequent snacking. I need to eat at least a minimum of 1000 Calories per day, that’s half an adults daily intake, and less than half my daily intake.

What do you mean less than half YOUR daily intake?

I’m glad you asked, well everybody has their own BMR, or Basal Metabolic Rate, this is basically the minimum amount of calories you burn per day while you are resting. This is calculated by some complex calculations involving your height in feet and inches and your weight in pounds, your gender, and your age. I didn’t do the calculations myself, I used an online calculator, they are everywhere.

So my BMR is approximately 1,782 calories per day, then I add my general activity levels and I get … 2300+ calories as my maintenance level, this means I need to take in less then 2300 calories per day to lose weight, but equal or more than 1782 calories per day to keep my metabolism at its current level. Continue reading “12 Week Transformation Challenge Day 3”

Greed: The Root of all Evil?



I used to think that if there was no such thing as money, all the world’s problems would be fixed. I now look back and think that was a very naive ideal. Greed is the root of all evil, not just money. Let us think way back when there was no such thing as currency. When everyone would trade with one another.

“Winter is coming, and you don’t appear to have anything warm to wear, I’ll give you my hand woven Llama wool blanket, wool jacket and these handmade leather shoes if you give me one of your many young nanny goats. I shall use her milk to feed my family for years to come”.

It seems like a fair trade right? The Clothes trader can always make more clothes for himself with his Llama’s wool, and the goat trader can always breed more goats for himself. The goat trader still has the option to use one of his other nanny goats for milk to feed his own family for years to come. Continue reading “Greed: The Root of all Evil?”

12 Week Transformation Challenge Day 2

It’s Day 2 of ‘Ali’s 12 Week Transformation Challenge’

It’s challenge day 2 and so far I’ve been doing really well. I did my stretching exercise today. An inclusive hour of breathing, stretching and relaxation through Yoga. I have a set routine that I follow every second day. A .pdf will go up on the extra links page of the blog shortly. I drank 3L of water, took all my supplements, and made a healthy snack and a healthy meal.

What did I eat?

Well for breakfast it was all the morning supplements and a (Dutch chocolate) Herbalife shake, made with water. I added my MANA supplement and a shot of coffee. It was delish

My Morning snack was a quick and easy boiled egg on a bed of baby spinach with a yummy vinaigrette dressing, and a Herbalife Green Tea. Although alternatively you can have normal green tea with lemon, it offers similar benefits.

12 Week Transformation Challenge Day 2
Boiled Egg on a bed of Baby Spinach with a French Vinaigrette

Lunch was another Herbalife Shake, made with water, but this time I added fresh mint leaves, giving me a delicious choc-mint shake, mmm yummy.

I had another Herbalife Green Tea between lunch and dinner, and then for dinner I had Roast Chicken Salad with Creamy Mayo dressing. The roast chicken was a store bought quick boneless roast, so no recipe available, just a picture.

12 Week Transformation Challenge day 2
Roast Chicken Salad with Mayo dressing

Last but not least a Herbalife green tea after dinner. Oh yeah and 3L of water throughout the day. I was aiming for 4, but I didn’t quite get there.

Where am I struggling?

Well so far it’s just my water intake, although I do struggle with creativity in regards to my meals. I struggle to think of the next snack option, or the next dinner option. All my workouts tend to have to be done once the little one is in bed, hence why they are so short. That’s not that big an issue, but it might become an issue for working mothers or people with older children.

How do I feel so far?

Well for me, every day down is another accomplishment, and then there’s the part where I write about it, every day I can get that done is another accomplishment.

Little wins are the best way, I’ve completed my workout for the day. Win. I’ve eaten another healthy meal for the day. Win. I’ve drank my 3L minimum water for the day. Win. I’ve had more than one green tea for the day. Win. I’ve taken all my supplements for the day. Win.

When you look at the challenge as a bunch of tiny achievements, it’s much easier to keep your mind on the task. Apart from that little sense of accomplishment you get from making your life healthier, you get to eventually reap the reward of shrinking cm’s, stronger muscles, better posture, and confidence

If you’re doing this with me, keep at it. I believe in you

x Ali x

Be Mindful: It can change your life

What does it mean to be mindful?

Mindfullness is an awareness of where you belong in the world and where you belong in the universe. It’s an awareness of humans and their effect on the world around you, your individual effect on the world around you, and your individual effect on YOUR world.

To be Mindful is to consciously make decisions to change the world for the better. For example buying only organic produce, or choosing to consume free range eggs. Choosing to go vegetarian or vegan, or simply giving thanks before you eat. It could be buying second hand, recycling, donating, boycotting businesses that use slave labour etc. It could be showing compassion, being non-judgmental, or simply being grateful for what you have.

What are Mindful practices?

All of these things are mindful practices, because you are aware of the state of the world and you are consciously making decisions to make it better. You are trying to make you better.

Try to add mindful practices into your life; Invest mindfully, make sure you do the research on the investment opportunity. Try to ensure you invest in things that are adding to the good of the world. Consume mindfully, research the company, choose to buy locally, read the labels, meditate, try not to judge, be aware of the goings on in the wider world. Research the reasons behind the politics. Show your children love, compassion, empathy, gratitude and generosity.


I recently read a post on being mindful, and I found an easy to follow Mindfulness infographic showing how you can increase mindfulness in your everyday life. Check it out below

How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life #infographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan

12 Week Transformation Challenge

I have decided to do a personal 12 week transformation challenge, I’ve called it *drumroll please*

Ali’s 12 Week Transformation Challenge

I know, super creative, here’s an introduction and a record of Day 1


First my why. I am a stay at home Mum with a 12 month old, and I have gained 20kg in 2 years, that’s 10kg a year, or just under 1kg a month. Ideally I should be more than 20kg lighter, but since I don’t want to overwhelm my mind or my body, I’m going to aim for 10kg by the end of the challenge. That’s approximately 3.25kg a month, or just under 1kg a week. This is both achievable and healthy.


In reality I will not be jumping on the scales again until the end of the challenge. This practice is both depressing and stressful for me, so I won’t be weighing myself regularly.

I will be taking my measurements weekly: Bust, Hips, Waist, Shoulders, Upper arms and Thighs, I’m also going to record every workout, and take progress photographs, allowing me to work on my posture. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. Continue reading “12 Week Transformation Challenge”

How Can you Overcome Low Self Esteem


How can you Overcome Low Self Esteem
How Can you Overcome Low Self Esteem

Hey there, Ali here

I refer back to a conversation I had this morning with a friend of mine, she’s going to send her step son back to his birth mother and family because they say they have a job for him. It was one of the most difficult decisions she could ever make, but her step son has been out of school for about a year and has been actively seeking work with no hits, so when she found out there was a job available for him on the other side of the country, she was inclined to send him there so he could start making his own way.

She’s always had to make the hard decisions, has always believed that she is not raising children but raising “new adults” her hubby is not very good at making any of the hard decisions, so she’s constantly the bad guy. She cares maybe a little too much about what everyone else thinks of her, and has always tried to please everyone. She knows that her step sons birth mum will take credit for everything wanted about her son, and will blame my friend on everything unwanted. Continue reading “How Can you Overcome Low Self Esteem”

The Food you Eat Can Counteract your Medication


I was surfing the net for an article to write in my blog about, when I came across this one. Were you aware that the food you eat can counteract your medication? Now that I think about it , it does make sense, every thing in the world is made up of a complex mix of chemical reactions and ionic bonds, organic things are made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, the only things that differentiates them from each other are the trace elements, and the way the molecules react and bond with each other… I’m off track.

Dr Ross Walker, a cardiologist and one of Australia’s leading preventative health experts, has given us the low down on how food can negatively affect the absorption and effectiveness of certain prescription medications. Certain foods can interact with certain medications causing reduced effectiveness, worse side-effects, or even new side-effects. Kind of like how ant-epileptic drugs can reduce the effect of the contraceptive pill, rendering it null an void; or how chemotherapy and/or  antibiotics, reduce the effectiveness of your body’s good bacteria, causing thrush as a side effect. Continue reading “The Food you Eat Can Counteract your Medication”

Horrifyingly High Levels of Glyphosate in Processed Foods

So for those who don’t know Glyphosate  is Roundup, and has been proven harmful to humans at levels as small as 0.01ppb (parts per billion). I have to admit I’ve linked you to a long report, and since many of us don’t have the time to read the whole thing I will summarise it for you:

Horrifyingly high levels of Glyphosate found in processed foods.png



Continue reading “Horrifyingly High Levels of Glyphosate in Processed Foods”

Hidden Toxins

Hidden Toxins
Hidden Toxins

Hi everyone Ali here,
I have just recently come across a huge amount of information that is scaring the crap out of me, so I feel the need to share it and let you and yours know about it too.

Did you know that there are over 3000 ingredients used in personal care products, cleaning products, supplements and bathroom products that are Toxic. These hidden toxins can cause skin and eye irritation, cell mutation (also known as cancer), inflammation, liver damage, kidney damage etc. And you know what’s worse? They don’t even tell us about it. Have a look at your personal care and skin care products, do you see parabens? sodium laurel sulfates? Do you even know what they are? I didn’t. Can you pronounce the ingredients on the label? I dare you to Google half of those ingredients. Do yourself and your family a favour and use this amazing wealth of information called the internet and educate yourself on the products you are putting on your skin, and on your child’s skin. The bubble baths you use, the shampoos you use, the body washes you use. I was horrified. I’m now looking for a product I can use that has very little, if any toxins in it. As my mentor Isabel De Los Rios (creator of Beyond Diet) says if you can’t pronounce it don’t use it. Lets look at an example Continue reading “Hidden Toxins”

A Sustainable way to Protect your Crops from Pests

A Sustainable Way to Protect your Crops from Pests
A Sustainable Way to Protect your crops from Pests

This Clever Man managed to patent a sustainable way to protect your crops from pests. He’s a Mycologist (Specialises in Fungi) and has patented a genetically modified insect toxic mushroom that does not create spores. Usually this specific mushroom has pheromones that warns insects against eating it, but this clever man has genetically modified the mushroom so that it does the opposite, it attracts crop eating insects towards it (also known as a sacrificial crop), they eat the mushroom, and the fungi attacks the insect from the inside out.

This patent could be the thing that cripples Monsanto (the creators of the non-specific herbicide roundup, the patented GMO Canola, GMO Cotton, and producers of the insecticides DDT and agent orange). Not all GMO is bad GMO, it’s only bad if we ingest it, and only because we don’t know what it can do to us. Using a GMO Insect toxic mushroom as a sacrificial crop is a sustainable way to protect your crops from pests.

xX Ali Xx

Inner Origin Advocate