12 Week Transformation Challenge Week 2

It’s challenge week 2, day 4

So I know it’s been 4 whole days since I published blog. I’m sorry, challenge week 2 has been, well, challenging. Hubby has been home all week, and so my whole schedule has gone to the way side. My fasting went out the window, my calories went to the wayside and my exercise… This week, life got in the way, it happens to everybody. The important thing is to not write it off as a total failure and to keep on keeping on. I’ll keep on track from this day forward.

4 Days in one short and sweet fast paced post

So as this is a fast paced 4 days in one post, I won’t be specific about what I ate, but I will mention the highlights… so it was my daughters 1st Birthday BBQ in challenge week 2, and I was a good girl. I didn’t have too much junk food on the table. I went shopping and bought fresh Carrots, Celery and Snow-peas, and chopped them up into dipping sticks and had Vegetables and Dip. People loved it. The dip was store bought French Onion Dip, and Gherkin Dip. Two of my most favourites.

We had a Suasage sizzle for the kids. as we call it here in Oz, where you eat the sausage in a slice of bread, with tomato sauce and BBQ’d onion, except we didn’t have the onion. Cause Onion doesn’t agree with me if it’s not cooked properly, I get psoriasis. so I just avoided it all together.

My sister and I also made up an antioxidant rich fruit salad with Blueberries, Strawberries and Grapes, and the kids loved it. I didn’t have “fairy bread” I didn’t have doughnuts, or lollies. We had a salad with raw capsicum (bell peppers), cherry tomatoes,  celery sticks, carrot sticks and snow peas, and the kids just munched on the raw vegetable sticks, with dips. I also had some potato crisps and some tortilla triangles. They did get a slice of delicious store bought chocolate mud cake though. No complaints

Did you do any exercise this last 4 days?

Well umm, no. No extra exercise, not even my stretches, and it’s just ’cause life got in the way. I did take my supplements… most days, and I had my shake… most days.

Consistency has always been one of my weaknesses. If someone throws a spanner in the works, like Hubby being home for a week for example, It takes me a bit to recover, get back on track, but I did it. We’ll klnow how well I’ve done in spite of the change of circumstance on results day.

What are the wins?

Well there’s the limited junk party food. Thats a win. There’s the part where Hubby was home. That’s a win. I did take my supplements on some days. That’s still a win. I did do my shake some days. Another win. I wrote this blogpost. Another small win.

Remember it’s the little achievements that get you through. If you beat yourself up about life getting in the way,  you just end up self sabotaging your success, so don’t do it.

I believe in you

X Ali X