Talk: It’s Important in Your Relationship

Talk: It's important for your relationship
Talk: It’s important in your relationship

Talk is important

My other half and I have been lacking a bit in the sack recently. We were trying to figure out why. He’d been doing some research on the matter because it  became a problem for us. He suggested we talk candidly. Since it was only me that wasn’t getting my fill I thought it originally was his technique. He came up with a few ideas to spice it up one of them being an open relationship, or becoming swingers, the other was getting a third-party in who can show him a thing or two.

And Then?

Sorted, no third-party, we just talked it out. We asked each other what our most unattractive quality was, and we answered straight up, no beating around the bush. We had promised to be matter of fact, no taking it to heart. “This is what I find unattractive about you….”, and ” I believe you need to work on this…” After our talk I realised that I’m in no way perfect, and there is so much I need to work on.

We went to bed and he was so sensual, and loving, it was the most amazing sex I’ve had. He touched parts of my body he hadn’t touched in a long time, he planted kisses in areas I hadn’t been kissed in a long time. Like a romance novel, he was gentle and courteous and just plain beautiful in every way. He would hold off if he was coming close to continue working on me, making damn sure he wouldn’t finish till I had been satisfied. It was so amazing, fulfilled every single one of my bodies needs before I even knew I needed it. The part that got me the most was that we finished at the same time, and he was exhausted afterwards he could barely breathe. He was so selfless, and loving.

I haven’t told him this yet, but I felt so special by the end that I cried. I was his one and only, and him mine. It was such a beautiful moment.

Talk is very important

It’s amazing what talking to your partner can do for you. My partner and I have been together for so long now, and we always communicate. There was no harm in talking it out. We had a problem that was very important to get through, and we talked it out. There was no anger, no resent, just a plain and simple very important conversation that needed to be had, and a bunch of solutions. That talk has made our relationship so much better.

I would almost say that talk is our secret ingredient to a long and loving relationship.

x Ali x

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