The Food you Eat Can Counteract your Medication


I was surfing the net for an article to write in my blog about, when I came across this one. Were you aware that the food you eat can counteract your medication? Now that I think about it , it does make sense, every thing in the world is made up of a complex mix of chemical reactions and ionic bonds, organic things are made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, the only things that differentiates them from each other are the trace elements, and the way the molecules react and bond with each other… I’m off track.

Dr Ross Walker, a cardiologist and one of Australia’s leading preventative health experts, has given us the low down on how food can negatively affect the absorption and effectiveness of certain prescription medications. Certain foods can interact with certain medications causing reduced effectiveness, worse side-effects, or even new side-effects. Kind of like how ant-epileptic drugs can reduce the effect of the contraceptive pill, rendering it null an void; or how chemotherapy and/or  antibiotics, reduce the effectiveness of your body’s good bacteria, causing thrush as a side effect.

One of the foods to look out for if you are on cholesterol medication is Grapefruit, it also reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics. For blood thinning medication it’s food high in Vitamin K, like Kale, and for medication that helps with osteoperosis it’s food and drinks high in calcium like Milk and dairy. I am in no way saying do not eat these things if you are not on any medication, in fact the reason they interact with medication is because medication is synthetic, and not found in nature in the same form; However if you happen to be one of the really unlucky people on these types of medication, please talk to your health practitioner, and/or nutritionist, and/or your naturopath, about whether the food you eat can counteract your medication . Better yet try to prevent yourself getting into such bad health, that you need these types of medications. Taking steps towards prevention, like doing a detox every 4 to 6 months, is always better then trying to find a cure.

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