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why do I chooseInner Origin
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Why do I choose Inner Origin?

Let me begin with my story. I am now a stay at home mum with a 19 week old baby girl. She’s my life, my number one priority. The other love of my life, my husband, is a beautiful, supportive, loving father and my best friend, but I rarely see him as he works FIFO to support our lifestyle. I want him to come home again, but I definitely don’t want to go back to cleaning, or working for a boss, to get him here. Especially considering the cost of childcare; At $150 a day for childcare, it’s cheaper for me to stay at home.

One fortunate morning I was in my daughters room tidying up a bit, when I heard the unmistakable FB messenger knock from my husbands “Perth phone”, (he can’t use the carrier at work, and it’s my job to keep him updated about any messages and calls he receives while he’s at work). I picked up his phone to check it out and it was a message from a woman I used to go to school with. I hadn’t heard from her since school, so that makes it…13 years. She sent him a fairly nervous sounding message that said something along the lines of

Hi, I trust this finds you amazingly well!!! I’m contacting you because I am working on something to do with “making food your medicine” at the moment and I’m looking to chat with a few key people who have beliefs and philosophies that align with mine. There is a company that will be launching a “healthy food app” here in Australia. Imagine amazon, but with healthy food (non-GMO, organic food, sourced from natural clean environments…) If you are interested, there is an invite only presentation next week…

She had me at “making food your medicine” and “organic”. I have some knowledge in nutrition, and naturopathy. I had a neighbour who was a Naturopath, my mum is a nurse and an advocate for healthy eating, and holistic health has always resonated with me, I know how important it is to nurture your body from the inside out.

I had been travelling here there and everywhere to find organic produce, and I was paying premium prices. I jumped at an opportunity that would make my life easier, my produce clean, organic and sustainable, and improve my holistic health and well-being.

You are the core of your well-being… it’s your “Inner Origin”. Your inner thoughts determine your actions, your inner beliefs determine your values, your inner health determines your outward appearance. Which, in turn, indicates your overall well-being, immune system, brain function and vibrancy. That’s just the way it is, and that’s part of the Philosophy behind Inner Origin the Virtual Community Marketplace sweeping the nation.

Believe me I didn’t just jump right in, I was very hesitant at first, as I expect you to be. I did my research. If you were to Google Inner Origin this is what you get:why-i-chose-inner-origin Second result down says it’s a new “Amway” style marketing scam, a.k.a “a pyramid scheme”, don’t run away yet, although I admit I wanted to at first… let me put this “Pyramid Scheme” label (and that’s all it is, it’s just a label) into perspective.

Think about where you work? Majority of us work for a boss, and if we are at the “bottom of the corporate ladder” we get paid a laughable “liveable”  wage for our time spent at our workplace. Our boss gets paid more than us, and the team our boss has to manage (us and our people) is (usually) the largest team in the business, however our boss also works for a boss, and our boss’s people usually comprises of a smaller team then ours, and their boss gets paid more than our boss but there are less of their boss’ people and so on and so forth. This can go up many levels, and each level has fewer people working at that level, and they are getting paid more than everyone below them, is that not a pyramid scheme? Or is it just a traditional business method.

I do recommend you look at result number 3. This is written by someone who’s been into Network Marketing for many years, and this is her comprehensive review of Inner Origin, the new Virtual Community Marketplace. That post and this post are two of the many reasons why I choose Inner Origin.

xX Ali Xx

Inner Origin Advocate

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