Live Clean Eat Lean

Live Clean Eat Lean

Say “Hello!” to your little friend: Live Clean Eat Lean

Welcome to my blog Live Clean Eat Lean.

I Just want to start with a little introduction about the blog. I am a freelance writer with some health and wellness knowledge. ” Live Clean Eat Lean ” was started as my idea of an affiliate marketing blog.  The products mentioned are products that I have tried and tested and are toxin free, sustainably sourced, organic and reasonably priced, and are currently available for shipping in Australia, America, China, and New Zealand with plans to expand throughout the world. All the links and advertisements on my blog will benefit me in some way, whether monetary or otherwise. Now that the nitty gritty is out of the way, come checkout the content.

The aim of this blog (besides the marketing bit) is to try and provide easy to understand information about products and practices that are mindful, healthy, and sustainable. All of the articles are researched, personally experienced or personally tried and tested by myself. I’m not gonna spout shit about stuff just to get a few bucks.

I’m always interested in what my readers have to say, and any suggestions to improve my blog. However constructive criticism is the best kind of criticism.

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