Lifestyle: An Average day

Lifestyle: An average day
Lifestyle: An average day

Hi there Ali here,
So I woke up this morning at 5am so I can say goodbye to my other half and let all the animals in. and out, and then I go back to bed to sleep for an hour. I’m not sure why I always do this, but that’s what I do. So I’m up again at 6am, my Dog is jumping all over me now trying to get me up, my cats are all complaining because they want to get fed.

I get up to feed my animals, feed the fish and then have my shower. After my shower, I get my breakfast ready, and while I’m eating breakfast, the meat portion I’ll be eating for lunch is happily cooking away in the frying pan on low heat. After breakfast I check my meat, prepare the salad I’ll be eating with it, check it again, bang it all in a container including my snacks (which usually consists of an apple, a Muesli bar and some nuts) and I prepare my coffee.

While drinking my coffee I’ve put the dog outside, locked all the doors, and packed my gym stuff so I’m ready to walk out the door by 7.20am at the latest. At which time I’ll message my friend to find out how she’s doing.

I then embark on a 4km walk to work, this will take approximately 45 mins give or take, depending on how fast I choose to walk. Once I’m at work I have about 30 min to change out of my walk clothes, into my work clothes and freshen up a bit, and then I start an 8 hour day. Once my day is finished I’ll head to the gym, do an hour workout then my other half will pick me up around 7pm. We’ll go home and have a late dinner, watch some TV, feed the animals, then go to bed, just to be up at 5am the next morning and start it all again.

My point is there are sacrifices that need to be made in order to get results, you just need to change your mindset and look at them as a means to a desired end. These are not sacrifices you are making they are improvements. Lifestyle changes.

x Ali x

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